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What is the best option for me and how to avoid immigration consequences ?

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I got a PC 488 and asked by DA's office for a diversion progam to complete and get charge dismissed. If i complete diversion program and has charge dismissed, how will it effect future employment oppurtunities/immigration ( Green Card ) prospects considering i m a non-immigrant on H1B. Though charge is dismissed .

Will it show up on back ground check or records on social-security ?

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True DIVERSION means no conviction. So no record or immigration consequences. Deferred Entry of Judgment (usually for drug cases) is not true diversion and you could have problems later. Make sure it is true diversion.

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This is a question best posed to your own attorney but if you got petty theft diversion (no guilty/no contest plea) then there's no immigration consequences.

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There will be No immigration consequences but it will likely show up in most, of not all background checks.

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I agree with the other attorneys.
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So long as you entered a no guilty plea and complete the diversion program as indicated there should be no immigration consequences. However, if you entered a guilty plea at any time or if you fail to follow through on your diversion this will be a conviction for immigration purposes.

Gabriela M. Lopez, Esq.

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