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What is the average procedure costs for an appeal to reduce sentence of a federal white collar case

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my sister's had a financial corporation that dealt with life insurance and investments. Her husband had an affair and started to make misuse of clients funds, My sister helped him by trying to fix the problem to avoid the scandal, she divorced him,later clients noticed that funds had been taken from their accounts, she provided all the information to the DA and FBI to accelerate her case investigation with an agreement to a reduced sentence to minimum security or house arrest in a period of 12 month sentence. but she received r the same amount of time that was given to her husband,

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    How much is this going to cost? Plenty, meaning at least $20 grand to get a good lawyer to do it. Your sister's lawyer has to file her notice of appeal right away, within 14 days of the entry of judgment, including weekends, I think. If the notice is late, she is going to have to move in the trial court for leave to file a late notice of appeal. Then you need to find a federal appellate lawyer who knows how to do a sentencing appeal. If there was a recommendation by the feds for a certain sentence and the judge disregarded it and slammed her anyway, there was probably something in the case that the judge found to be an aggravating circumstance -- or else he was just an a--hole. Doesn't mean you can't win, but post-Booker federal judges have a lot more discretion to sentence as they see fit, without regard to the guidelines or agreements between the parties.

  2. Your best course would be to talk to a few attorneys who handle criminal appeal work before the federal court of appeals in your district. For many reasons, attorneys may have different ideas about what a reasonable fee, or an appropriate fee structure, should be in any particular case. Any appeal, especially in the federal courts, is a major project, but the only way to get a good answer to your question is to make a few appointments and ask. Don't expect an appellate attorney to give you a quote over the phone. The work is not that predictable.

  3. If you truly want to pursue possible post-sentence options, you need to consult with federal appellate attorneys immediately. It is important to understand that there are strict time deadlines to file certain post-sentence motions or the avenue of appeal may be lost. You definitely want to meet with several lawyers who practice in this field so that you have a basis to determine who seems the most trustworthy, reasonable and knowledgable. Additionally, you likely want to ensure that any lawyer you hire has handled post-sentence matters in federal court on prior occasions. Good luck!

  4. The "average" cost is meaningless. The cost in your sister's case will depend on a host of factors, only some of which you described. Any appeal is very technical and is not for a lay person. As my colleagues said, interview a couple of qualified attorneys and hire one asap.

    Evaluating any legal question requires a detailed knowledge of the specific facts involved. Since a short question will rarely contain all the relevant facts, the answer here should be considered a general comment for your consideration and not legal advice.

  5. I agree with the other attorneys who say that it will depend on a variety of factors. At the same time, I also agree that it could cost $20,000 or more (or maybe less), depending on the status and stage of the case. Based on my own criminal law appellate experience, there are always a variety of factors to consider. There are also a number of unanswered questions and insufficient details provided in your question. There are issues as to whether there is a viable motion for post-conviction relief is at issue, aside from the question of a direct appeal claim that is viable. I encourage you to immediately contact an attorney in Tucson with substantial criminal appellate experience.

    Vince Rabago
    Tucson, AZ

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