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What is the average cost of a custody case in juvenile court?

Marietta, OH |

Parents never married. Would like to know a roundabout figure for a non-custodial asking for custody in Ohio. I am already named the natural father with parental responsibilites and visitation....... I understand all case are different. I already have $2,500 towards a retainer.

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I would expect that you would be able to find an attorney with a retainer range of $2,500 - $5,000. The actual amount of the charges would be based upon the actual amount of time involved in the case - and that will depend in part upon the other side. Be aware that there may be additional charges, such as a Guardian ad litem, deposition expenses, etc.

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Attorney Piper is right. My firm requires a retainer of $3,000.00, then there are the filing fees, deposition costs, guardian ad item and if necesarry psychological evaluations.

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