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What is the average % of alimony for 13 year marriage?

Rockford, IL |
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I have agreed to pay 100% of all cost for children and pay 28% child support. What is the average % that I would pay in alimony is 20% possible, plus 28% child support after i agree to pay 100% of everything for the kids

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  1. What are you paying? 100% of all costs of the children? What does that mena? Groceries? Part of Mom's light bill because the kids use the lights? Part of teh electric bill to pay for the fridge that keps their food cold? What if they run the hot water in the shower a lot -- will you pay more for that?

    You're arrangement doesn't make sense.

    When you pay 28% oof your net income for support, it covers all of that stuff.

    just what is it you're agreeing to pay?

    As for the maintenance, there is no formula. There is no average. Each case is different.

    Give me a call when you can to discuss a few of the parameters and I'll try to hgiv eyou an idea of what you're looking at. Follow the links, below, for more information and a Free Consultation.

  2. There is no specific formula for payment of maintenance, formerly known as alimony. Assuming you have an attorney, you should really ask this question of your divorce lawyer.

  3. For the mathematically minded there is a program that some attorneys use and a few judges called "Fin Plan" and and then there is another program that is a divorce financial planning software for those who just like to look at the figures. (See link below)

    Most family law attorneys can guide you through that and then maybe your case will be settled in just a few sessions with a result fair to both parties.

    The information provided here should not be construed to be formal legal advice. The provision of this general advice does not create a lawyer-client relationship. Persons with legal questions are encouraged to seek independent counsel for advice regarding their individual legal issues.

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