What is the appeal process for traffic violations and is there a time line in California?

I received a fix it ticket for no registration. I paid the registration and thought it was fixed only to find out two years later, while trying to renew my license that it was suspended . I called the court and was told that there was a fine issued and it has been sent to collections .I was never notified of anything do to an address change that was stated on the ticket. I was told to much time has lapsed and I cant request a court date or appeal. The fine is substantial for a fixed fix it ticket is this true and legal? Where is my due process?

Sacramento, CA -

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Greg Thomas Hill

Greg Thomas Hill

Criminal Defense Attorney - Torrance, CA

The problem is you went to the DMV and not the court, as I bet you understand quite well now. You did not show the court that you paid the registration.

It is true that the fine for driving without registration is substantial. It is legal. I think you are out of options at this point.

However, I would talk to Andrew Roberts, an expert in traffic matters. You can do an attorney search on Avvo and ask him. He is the best.

Peter John Marek

Peter John Marek

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Stockton, CA

I agree with Mr. Hill. I also believe it is too late. Yes, the fine is substantial. Call Mr. Roberts, he is listed here on the avvo site. Good luck.

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Thousand Oaks, CA

Get an attorney to deal with this. There is a failure to appear on your license as you never went to court. This has to be lifted and the matter set for trial. Your license can be suspended if you wait to long.


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