What is the address & phone number, E-mail address of the legal regulatory agency in Denver, CO ? I need to file a complaint !

My lawyer convinced me to wait for 6 months for a hearing date to reopen my case after it closed. I wanted to settle & stay ahead of the bills. He promised me I'd receive all past/ future money & get the additional medical treatments I needed if I took it to a hearing. during that time period I faced eviction twice and had to borrow money to stay afloat. I never got the "more money/ medical" he said he could get me, he gave me a song & dance why I should settle for less than if it went to the hearing. I went through 6 months of hell because of him. The settlement money I DID get only paid off my back rent and kept me in my house. I don't have any money for the medical I need in order to return to work. Will the reg. agency be able to represent me & get me what I need ?

Denver, CO -

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Sean Michael Patrick

Sean Michael Patrick

Personal Injury Lawyer - Sacramento, CA

I believe you can find that information at https://www.cobar.org/
Best of luck

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