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What is required to bring a wrongful termination lawsuit under New Jersey employment laws

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I was working for a charter school in new, jersey for a year. My contract was renewed for a second year, than a new principal was hired and fired many employess days before the new year. No notfication was given to us that or case was going to be heard in front of the board of truesties violating the Rice Laws, in addition the did not have quorem and had a memeber vote over the phone, again another illegal activity. At the meeting I was terminated and given 30 days pay, since this meaning was illegal arent i still considered an employee that is to be compensated?
Also what are the step s i need to do if i wanted to file suit against them since i dont have money for an attorney

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  1. You might want to try contacting employment attorneys who offer a free consultation and see if any is willing to take the case on a contingency fee basis.

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  2. Are you a member of a union?

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