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What is PSI (pre sentence investigation)

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What is a PSI? Are they always ordered for DUI cases or just for repeat offenses?

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  1. A PSI is very rarely ordered for first time offense DUI cases. Talk with an experienced attorney about this in the county where you have a DUI.

  2. A PSI is a presentence investigation. A defendant is entitled to request one in preperation of sentencing. Often, the defendant will waive the need for one and proceed to sentence. In most instances the defendant and the attorney have sufficient information to bring to the judge at the time of the sentence.

  3. This is not an extraordinary event, and if you don't already have an attorney you should get one.. Especially, if this is your first offense.

    Of course my answers are not the only source that you should rely on. Furthermore, its best to contact me about your Legal or Medical issues at my office number 215-240-7565. Licensed to Practice Law in PA and NJ. Medical PA license.

  4. A PSI is a presentence investigation. It is prepared by the County Probation Office. They are not always ordered for DUI cases; however, if the offense is a second or subsequent offense they are often ordered. The purpose of the PSI is to give the sentencing judge more background information about the person whom he or she is sentencing. Don't confuse a PSI with a CRN evaluation; a CRN (Court Reporting Network) evaluation is done in every DUI case. If you have any more questions, you should speak to a criminal defense lawyer.

  5. A PSI, Pre-Sentencing Investigation is an in-depth interview and background check with the defendant, and usually includes employers, work experience, previous criminal history, education, etc. It recommends to the Judge what sentence or probation you should have. The Judge has no obligation to follow the recommendation of the PSI, but it is a good tool when working with the Judge and Prosecutor's Office.

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