What is proper venue for contempt of court?

I was held in contempt of court by the county of the original PP. The court was a sham. Improper service, lack of evidence, abuse of discretion, etc. etc. I am working on the motion to vacate. I live in a different county and have. Don't proceedings, especially criminal, have to be held in the county in which the alleged crime occurs. I kept my daughter from her mother because of abandonment, suicidal suggestions, DV in the home, and forcing my daughter to conceal DV. My daughter went to school for four months and established herself at my home. So it seems to me that county 2 not only had jurisdiction for that reason, but also because of the criminal nature of what I was doing was done in my county.

Seattle, WA -

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Kate M Forrest

Kate M Forrest

Appeals Lawyer - Seattle, WA

There are different types of contempt; when it relates to violation of a parenting plan, it is civil contempt, and it is almost always appropriate in the original court that issued the order.

Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins

Child Custody Lawyer - Seattle, WA

You had the ability to file a Motion for revision 10 days after the contempt order was signed. If you failed to take advantage of this court rule, you will not get very far on a Motion t Vacate.

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