What is needed to prove damages in a libel or slander lawsuit?

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I am part of a professional organization where one member has continued to imply false information regarding my personal character and professional judgment. I have had numerous other members of our professional network question me regarding these claims, all of which is documented by email which was initially "cc'd" to all members of our national organization. Recently, I feel that the false claims made by this individual has had enough of a negative effect on my reputation to result in being passed over for nomination to committee/speaking opportunities within my professional network. I also have emails that document my request for the individual to prove to me his claims and/or recant his statements. Does this warrant a legitimate claim on my part? What could I expect from litigation?

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    Answered . You should really sit down with an attorney to review all the facts and possible claims. Defamation basically requires a showing that a false statement was made about you and made or distributed for third parties to hear and as a result you suffered damages. In certain cases damages are presumed. You may also have claims for interference with business relationships or contract dealings, among others, but without knowing more it's difficult to say exactly what rights or remedies you may have. Litigation can result in cessation of the activities causing you harm, compensatory damages and perhaps punitive damages whether through a trial or settlement. Consult a litigation attorney and go from there. Best of luck.

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  2. Answered . Well written. The is no clear answer, and there is no substitute for consulting with a lawyer

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    Answered . More information is needed to evaluate. Best bet is to sit down with a local attorney to review the information and your damages.

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