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What is my recourse re: a (very) uncooperative court reporter (> 1 issue?) (The board & 2 supers have already, been contacted.)

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I attempted to obtain transcripts 2 yrs ago. My 1st call was 10/05/10 in addition to several calls, (vm's, & speaking to a super, in between. On 11/13/10 ( > 1 mo later) I received a vm giving me an estimate of $280/$560 (exp svc.) Spoke w/her on 8/9/12 & was told to email the info. She replied 66 min l8r: "I will give u the estimates tomorrow." 4 days later, no est. I emailed her again, & she replied by claiming I never emailed her the dates (even though she replied to my email.) Fee is now only $256/$512 (2x's the legal amt) She refused to cease wrkng on the trans. If I am "a paying customer" (as stated by rep @ state boards) why is there such disregard when it pertains to my wishes. Enforcement analyst says: "we'll take it from there," if no call back (from super) by Wed. (2 be cont...

I should have made it clear that I paid for her services in advance. The transcripts are still, not available to me. The notes have already been transcribed, as my sister has already purchased a copy of the same transcripts. It's been 3 weeks since I gave her the money, and although I asked she stop working on them, last week, she refused to do so. As of the day before, she hadn't even started on them, according to her email. She also, refused to give me my change until she gives me the documents. Which is what I had expected in the first place so, I had no problem w/that. I would hope to not have any judgment passed on me, as to what our relationship is/was. I have no relationship with her. It was a business transaction/relationship, nothing more and nothing less. An enforcement analyst is attempting to contact her for me. Thank you in advance, for any additional answers to my question.

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She has something you need that only she can provide. She has not been paid yet for any of the work she has performed. Now, how upset do you want to make this person?

A proper response would require a thorough investigation into the history and background of this relationship. The information provided above is just that, information, to be used as you see fit.



I've already paid her. I gave her $200 for $124 worth of transcripts. I have done everything per her instructions. This is for 1.5 hours worth of transcripts. She emailed me @ least 5 times on the day I informed her I would be there to pay for them. I emailed her when I arrived at the courthouse to give her the money, but, suddenly she wouldn't respond. Although, a month ago she told me to just, walk in and wave to the bailiff, another courthouse employee suggested that I don't do that. She never gave me any further insructions nor did she respond to my emails as I waited outside the courtroom. I was told, "she could be in there awhile." It was close to 1600 @ that point, so I said: "I've been waiting 2 years, I can wait."Again, "No, she could really be in there awhile." I noticed someone walking into the room next door, which just happened to be one of her supervisors. Very nice/polite lady, who was willing to take my $200 and provide me w/a receipt. This has to do w/the death of my mother. What should have been a simple business transaction, has been anything but, that. At no point have I been disrespectful in anyway, shape or form. I also didn't understand why the delay and the change as far as fees were concerned. Other copies of these transcripts have already been purchased by my sister. The notes have already been transcribed. (But, maybe they aren't allowed to make copies of those, I don't know.) Thank you for replying.


I suspect there is more to the story.
The court reporter would certainly want to get the transcript to you, because that his how she gets paid.
If the transcript is available, and you agreed to pay (which I suspect may be part of the problem based on your description) then I am sure you will get it.



Yes sir, there is much more to the story. I did pay her in advance for her services. This has been a bizarre experience, to say the least. Her emails are contradictory. I considered ordering the last date, after I had given her the $200. At that point instead of owing me $72, I would owe her, $56. I told her I would bring the $56 by asap. She then, told me not to. If I owed her any money when I picked them up, she would let me know at that time. She then, emailed me 7 hours later, and told me TO bring the money. This is how it's been with her since Aurgust, 9. She asks me questions, that I've already responded to, and questions I've asked her she completely ignores. (I asked for the page count and was never given an answer. I've done everything per her instructions/emails. ) IMHO, it could be the very reason for my wanting the transcripts/what I may do with them once I have them. I don't know what's going on. I will tell you that, although a judge is a judge, they are also, human. They sometimes they do make mistakes. Had my mother not passed away @ 74 (only 22 months after my father & her own mother,) I probably wouldn't have requested these in the first place. The fact that she wanted to charge me double for expedited service has even, raised eyebrows with the state board. I was told to tell her supervisor that she is only permitted by law to charge 50% of the actual fee. I feel helpless at this point, but, thank you so very much for your response. I was told to contact the board again, if I don't hear from them, by today. Thank you, again.

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