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What is my option to legally stay, work and live in the US after I graduate if I have and F-1 visa?

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I will be finishing my bachelor's in Travel and Tourism w/ a minor in Business. I'm on a F-1 visa, I'd like to be able to stay legally, work, and live in the U.S. It will be almost a suicide to go back home, due to political inestability, second country with the highest dead/crime related, and other issues. I had a small business back home related to my bachelors wich I put on stand by to pursue a better future. I pretty much grew up in the U.S (legally) on vacation, and later on my adult life with an F-1, so I'm used to this system and I don't really fit in my home country anymore (sad but it is the truth). I belive in opportunities, hard work, NEVER free rides. H1-B visas are hard to get, not all of us are scientist, or computer programmr, what other options do I have?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Based on the limited amount of information, an H1B is your best bet unless you are willing to continue studying or are eligible for OPT or are considering lawful marriage to a US citizen. Also depending on where you are from you may qualify for an E2 investor visa or a TN visa.

  2. If you can find a job, you can start out with OPT and hopefully they will sponsor you for an H-1B before the OPT runs out.
    There could be other options, like maybe starting up a business here, but I think your best bet is to talk in more detail with an immigration attorney to see exactly what options are there.

  3. As you mentioned there is the H1, perhaps investment visa, true marriage to US citizen. You mentioned difficulties in the home country - asylum may be an option as well. You should consult with an attorney to discuss in detail.

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