What is my best option regarding ONLY supervised visitation for my daughter?

Asked about 2 years ago - Cape Coral, FL

My daughter is nearly 3. Her father and I never married. We broke up twice after her birth so he was living in another state and never saw her for 8 of her first 19 months. He has never provided any support for her (I never asked for any). He has a habit of moving at the drop of a hat, and the fact that his older children live up north, I worry he will disappear w her. He goes weeks without calling or coming by (we only live 15 minutes from him) I stopped trying to "remind" him. Always having to explain his absence to her. I'd honestly rather he stay away permanently, I think its just hurting her. If I have to ok it, then supervised visitation is the only way I can let him see her and feel secure. But he blows up arguing any time custody is brought up. Any suggestions?

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    Answered . If he has never filed a paternity action and there is no court order regarding time sharing, then you are the legal guardian, and visitation is up to your discretion. However, if you refuse altogether to allow him to see her and he does file a paternity action, your refusal is one factor the court consider that could be harmful to you. Your primary consideration in making this determination should be your child's physical safety and her psychological health. If she exhibits behavioral problems in relation to her father's behavior, you may want to take her to a play therapist for evaluation.

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