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What is filing a conversion in civil court mean

Yuba City, CA |

i made a police report because a girl entered my property and took mt lawn furniture it has been 2 months and police have done nothing.

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  1. This question was posted in the criminal defense forum. Unless you had extremely valuable lawn furniture, you likely have a small claims action in small claims court. Conversion is the name of a cause of action for taking the property of another and using without legal authority. The police, right or wrong, are likely to view the matter as a civil rather a criminal matter.

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  3. Conversion is the unauthorized ownership over the property of another to change the property's condition or in exclusion of the owner's right to it. It is also any type of conduct that deprives the owner of the property. Embezzlement is often associated with conversion in a criminal context. If someone takes another person's property and refuses to give it back.