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What is an "opinion of the court"?

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I needed information on a disposed criminal case of which I was a victim. A court transcript is not available (audio destroyed); while I have a disposition sheet of the findings and plea, I needed material information as to what transpired in court that day. I thought that perhaps the judge's notes might be a matter of public records and that it would provide further insight into the case. However, I discovered that the judge's notes are not part of public record, but someone suggested that I could request the opinion of the court. I had no idea what that was, but off I went to the courthouse to request this "opinion of the court." The court administrator also had no clue. I posed my question here as there is no way for me to contact the person who provided me this information initially.

Is an opinion of the court the disposition, evidential information, or something else?

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  1. A trial court enters an order that reflects a ruling. An appellate court writes an Opinion that reveals the final disposition on appeal.

  2. I agree with my colleague, the 'opinion of the court' is the Court's ruling, whether written or stated on the record. I know you have asked several questions about these issues today, and suggest it may be worthwhile for you to discuss this directly with your attorney, or if you are pro se, with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If this deals with whether there was a civil reservation (as I believe you indicated in your other postings) discuss who has the burden of production in regards to proving whether there was such a reservation granted by the Court.

  3. If there was a plea there would not be an opinion.

  4. Mopre informationis needed. if this was municipal court there should be a trnascript of the decision. In Superior Court there should be arecording if that was used or there is definately a transcript.

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