What is a uniform traffic citation

Asked over 4 years ago - Port Saint Lucie, FL

i would like to know what is a uniform traffic citation

Attorney answers (2)

  1. Royce Brent Bishop

    Contributor Level 16

    Answered . A uniform traffic citation is a civil infraction. It is usually a violation of the law that is non-criminal. The citation is "ticket"--a piece of paper given to the driver who is accused of violating the law. It is also a court summons that says if you are not going to pay the citation, then you have to come to court. In order to maintain consistency, predictability and fairness, these violations apply everywhere in the State of Florida and to anyone driving in the State of Florida. There would be much confusion and many problems if every ticket or citation looked different in every town, city, or county. There would also be much confusion and many problems if the law was different in every town, city, or county. In short, a judge, clerk of court, law enforcement officer, attorney, paralegal are all on the same page, so that if you are driver from Montana who is stopped in Titusville or a driver from Miami who is stopped in Port Charlotte there is a clear undrestanding of what law the driver is accused of violating. A uniform traffic citation USUALLY means a traffic violation--also called a civil infraction that has been commited by a driver. Unless otherwise stated, they are non-criminal. However, a uniform traffic citation CAN also be given to a driver for a misdemeanor who is accused of commiting a crime while driving. For example, driving while a license is suspended is a misdemeanor traffic violation and the accused would be arrested and given a uniform traffic citation. Please click on the website, it does not cost anything. Thank you.

  2. Alexander Barrett Ramey

    Contributor Level 12

    Answered . A uniform traffic citation is the official name for traffic ticket. It is "uniform" across the State becaue State law not local law determines what information that it needs to contain. Florida State Statute 316.650 deals with traffic citations.

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