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What is a spouse who has been married to a military member for 12 years entitled to?

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I have a friend whos husband deserted her and her daughter after he left them homeless and living in a car. They have nothing right now but he has left the state. Meanwhile he has been posting on Facebook how he has all this money for drinking and posting pictures of liquer while his child is out here living in a car with no food and no way to shower. There must be something the mom can do to get a speedy divorce and some kind of support. She has contacted the command via text and Facebook all they told her is that there is nothing they can do. It's ashamed that she let him drag her here supported him for the 10 years he aS in even enduring him cheating on her. And he does this to her and her kid. It's not fair that there are laws that protect that pig and not for her.

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    This does not sound legitimate. First, who would contact the command by text and Facebook? Who is she texting? Second, there are military regulations regarding support of family members. Third, she can go to Family Relief. Fourth, she could go to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court and file for support.
    She can talk with the military legal office for advice.
    I don't know of any laws that are there to protect him and not her.

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  2. These alleged facts are far fetched. Why contact the command through facebook? Drive to the unit see the family rep and ask the questions. And actually the laws are very powerful when it comes to protecting depends. They are far more effective than anything in the civilian world.

    This is not legal advice. This is merely a recommendation on how to get what you need from the Court.

  3. Sounds like he is a reservist--not on active duty. He gains no advantage from being in the military that she doesn't also receive. She needs to take action like anyone else--sue for divorce.

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