What is a reasonable amount to ask in a discrimination/retaliation lawsuit?

Asked over 1 year ago - Cambridge, IL

i worked for a huge construction co for 18 yrs. my supervisor sent me a naked pic of himself head to toe. i told the hr & was told a wk later i no longer have a job. this boss continued to work for the company for another year until he quit. eeoc wants me to give a number to try settle my case. i feel i no longer have a career because i am labeled for telling. i have been off work for 1 & 1/2 yrs.

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i also have a 14,10,&4 yr old girls i will need to put through college.

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  1. Josh Michael Friedman

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    Answered . It is difficult to say without knowing all the facts. There are many factors involved--how much you were making, what type of distress you suffered, how good your work performance was, how big the company is. As the other lawyer stated, you should definitely consult an experienced employment lawyer, who may be able to help you get more than you could alone, even after fees. Many of us, myself included, will provide a free consultation.

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  2. Jeffrey Morris Jacobson

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    Answered . You can start with the basics for your losses. What where you past losses from employment? Wages and benefits. What are your future losses? Wages and benefits. Subtract any government benefits you received. After that you can add the amounts that are allowed by law. Also, how long do you think you will work for? Use the age your parents worked until for a good relationship to your ability. There is much more to this, but this will get you through the basics.

  3. Michael N Hanna

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    Answered . You should contact an employment attorney to help you negotiate a settlement. Companies are stingy when they know you are not represented. Though an attorney will take a percentage, you will likely still get much much more in your pocket then if you negotiate on your own. If you would like to discuss, feel free to email me at mhanna@forthepeople.com

  4. David Andrew Mallen

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    Answered . You can hire a lawyer or forensic economist for the limited purpose of putting together a damage estimate for you on a spreadsheet. If you have doctor bills as a result of getting fired, show the lawyer those.

    You can also go online and have a jury verdict and research service pull cases for you in your jurisdiction.

    If you filed with the EEOC under federal law, your damages are capped. You may have better luck under state law.

    You can pay a lawyer by the task or by the hour for advice, or even get a free consultation. I would not do a construction job or a brain surgery myself, so why are you doing a very complicated task by yourself?

    David Mallen

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