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What is a Pretrial Readiness Conference?

Sacramento, CA |

I just found out I have a pretrial readiness conference setup. My lawyer did this without checking with me (or had no choice). What is this? My charge is DUI. Also, how long should it take to get the jail breathalyzer logs? The roadside ones we've had, but have yet to get the jail ones. My arrest was in the beginning of February. Is this normal?

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You should talk to your attorney before asking a stranger on the Internet for advice. Many of the lawyers who answer California DUI questions on Avvo aren't even licensed in this state, and their answers are often wrong.

A "pretrial conference" usually refers to a court date where the attorneys discuss the case and see if either side needs additional information, or if there is a point in trying to negotiate a settlement of the case. A "trial readiness conference" is usually held shortly before the trial, to be sure both sides are prepared.

If you were arrested in February, it's likely your first court date was less than eight weeks ago. Your attorney is probably gathering the evidence, which can take some time. If an outside lab manages the jail breath testing devices, it can take several weeks to obtain the records after they are requested.

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