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What is a pre-preliminary hearing?

San Diego, CA |

I have heard of a preliminary hearing but not a pre-preliminary. Is this
where discovery takes place? Is all the evidence suppose to be given to each
sides at the end of pre-preliminary hearing or on the arraignment day in a
felony case?

if there is a plea bargain offer, whats the earliest and latest a plea bargain can be offered? Before or after the pre-preliminary hearing?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Discovery should be provided before the preliminary hearing. Usually, it's handed out at the initial arraignment, but some of it may not be immediately available and turned over later. A pre-preliminary hearing (sometimes called different things in different counties) is a court date for both sides to see if the case can be resolved by a plea, if there is any outstanding discovery or if there needs to be a different court date set.

    Since you're facing a felony charge (and thus a preliminary hearing), I suggest you discuss the status of your case with your attorney. For some general information about preliminary hearings, see the link below.