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What is a motion for Oral Hearing?

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A motion for Oral Hearing is set for hearing in my family case. Will you please tell me what this is?

Also, is there a web site that lists the legal terms, and ways to represent oneself in court?

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A motion for oral hearing is just as it suggests. The petitioner wanst to get in front of a judge or referee for an oral hearing with oral arguments to ask for something. Try to get legal assistance before you go it alone. These days so many folks in family court try to represent themselves with ultra-bad results.

There are a few exceptions, and maybe you will be one of them, but usually people who do DIY legal representation get clobbered in court. Many times pro se people irritate the judge so much they lose on style points before they even try to get to the substance of articulating the argument. And, when it comes to paper responses and objections, most of the handwritten court pleadings are so illegible or nonsensical that they just get tossed and the matters are dimissed.

I'm not licensed to practice law in Texas, but If you must be a pro se litigant read my link below for a few pointers on presentation style that works in any courtroom and good luck!

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Please see the following Avvo legal guides:

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Representing yourself in family court is a huge mistake. Pro se family litigants have no chance in court against experienced counsel. I can't tell you how many consultations I've had where a party went to court without a lawyer, and ended up with a terrible result. Often, the cost of fixing the damage from pro se representation is two or three times what the cost would have been to hire a lawyer in the beginning.

Hire an experienced family attorney immediately. Do not go to court alone.

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