What is a jail retainer?

Asked over 2 years ago - Sussex, NJ

My brother in law is in county jail. He is sentenced to be released on the county charges on September 27th, 2012. for violation of probation. He also has a 700 dollar bail out of Vernon, NJ, and a 250 dollar retainer out of Patterson, NJ. We were told he could not be actually released until these are paid. I am wondering what a retainer is for? Why would another town put on a retainer? And can he be released without paying these?

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  1. Answered . When someone is in jail and the jail learns of a warrant then it is used to hold the person, he or she is detained until the bail is posted to secure the person's presence in court. If he posts the bails, then when he is released he will have to go to Vernon and Paterson and answer the charges.

  2. Answered . I think you mean detainer. That is when another jurisdiction puts a hold on a person to not be released from custody until a pending outstanding issue is resolved. Contact the Patterson and Vernon and see what the detainers are for. I am sure it is for open criminal cases and the money is for a bond. Consult with a lawyer.

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  3. Answered . Another community would put a detainer on a prisoner if they have an open warrant with a cash amount. This may be for unpaid fines or it could be that there are charges there. You need to call those courts and ask.

    Can he be released without payment, at some point, yes. But you'll need to get an order from those courts that have issued the warrants.

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