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What is a hot checks criminal summons?

Altheimer, AR |

what is a hot check criminal summons?

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  1. I have never heard this being used as a technical legal term, but in many states, it is a crime to write a check when there are insufficient funds in the bank. In Nevada, these checks are prosecuted in criminal court and a summons could be issued as part of the prosecution.

    Most courts post all records online, so check to see if you can find these records in the local criminal courts.

    Hope this perspective helps!

  2. The word "Summons" really is short version of "Summons to Appear and Defend" is used in a civil case in Arkansas. A "Bench Warrant" or "Warrant" is used for criminal charges and indicate that are criminal charges pending and the person will be arrested on a criminal "hot check" charge in Arkansas. However, non-lawyers may misuse the two words. Both mean someone is trying to collect on a bad check which can be a civil claim and/or a criminal claim in Arkansas but in the criminal case the prosecuting attorney enforces and in a civil case you or a lawyer would have to pursue.

    This answer does not create a attorney client relationship and cannot be relied upon as a legal opinion as there are too many unknown facts to this matter to render an opinion at this time. Campbell & Grooms, PLLC