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What is a hicks date under Maryland criminal procedure

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my court date is two weeks past my hicks date the courts told me i after to schedule a date before my hicks date because somebody made a mistake and i told them i will call them back and they call me back and said they are going to give me a date which is on the 17th my hicks date can this be done

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Pursuant to Rule 4-271 and Article 27, § 591, the State is
required, in the circuit court, to bring all criminal defendants
to trial within 180 days after the appearance of counsel or the
first appearance of the defendant, whichever is earlier, unless
the trial is postponed for good cause by the administrative judge
or his or her designee. This date has come to be known as the Hicks date, in
recognition of the fact that in State v. Hicks, 285 Md. 310
(1979), the Court of Appeals held that the requirement is
mandatory. With the exception of limited circumstances, such as
the defendant’s express consent to a trial date outside the
statutory period, see Dorsey v. State, 349 Md. 688, 702-03
(1998), the sanction for noncompliance with these provisions is
dismissal of the charges.

So to answer your question on your Hicks date but not after.

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