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What is a good excuse for parking in a handicap ? truth is i didnt even notice , wasn't wearing my glasses . . .

Vallejo, CA |
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  1. There is no good excuse- except for an emergency. You do not fall into that category .

  2. If you choose to have a hearing, I highly recommend that you choose to tell the truth. I hope you weren't really hoping that an attorney would help you prepare perjured testimony. If we did that, we could lose our license to practice. If you followed such a cooked up excuse you would have committed a far more serious offense and would have lost any chance for consideration on the parking ticket.

  3. I agree with the other attorneys, although I do wonder why your question also says blubber. I'd like to add that I have represented somebody in the past with the same charges who did legitimately have a medical condition. They were able to subsequently get a valid handicap pass and I was able to get the charges dismissed. Good luck.

    Jasen Nielsen

  4. The only excuse for parking in a handicapped zone is if you have a handicapped sticker, plate or card. There is no other good "excuse."

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