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What is a good defense to prove your innocence in a drug conspiracy trial?

Tampa, FL |

are there any good defenses/ reasons that can demonstrate that an individual did not conspire to distribute meth and had no knowledge that the significant other was involved. wiretaps containing 2-3 conversations that prosecutors interpret negatively are the evidence being used against but the conversations had nothing to do with drugs yet were about sales and charges for services pertaining to my licensed business.

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The limited information you present suggest your defense will be a question of fact for the jury. If your significant other is truly significant, they will do their utmost to exonerate you. Otherwise, you should consider turning state witness, getting this person out of your life, and turn your life around. Methamphetamine is an insidious blight on society and will destroy your life if it hasn't already.

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Without looking at the police reports and listening to the recordings, it would be impossible for any attorney to answer your question. If you would like a free consultation in my office, I would be happy to review your police reports and discuss the case with you. Of course, that is assuming you do not already have an attorney. Please feel free to contact my office to set up an appointment at 223-4541.

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