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What is a "reasonable" settlement amount for violation of Title VII and Americans with Disability Act . I have filed Pro SE.

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My federal suit claims I was not hired based on my race as well as for my absences from work directly related to my approved medical leave to cover surgery and recovery for carpal tunnel. My employer was aware of my carpal tunnel as this was the second surgery I had in the last three years. The defendant's attorney has contacted me regarding a settlement of the case. I've determined I've lost $3,500 in lost wages from the promotion. What, if any, other monetary penalties should I request or am I entitled to ask for?

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You should make use of the local law library in your area to look at settlements of cases similar to yours. Most pro se parties either way over estimate the value of their cases or way underestimate them. If you are alleging loss of wages and discrimination you should have hired an attorney to handle the case for you because the other side will be responsible for your attorney fees, and attorneys like handling wage cases for that reason.
Do some research at the local law library. Wage claims included penalty wages and attorney fees. Pro se plaintiff's don't recover attorney fees.
Best of luck.

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Don't try to settle a federal discrimination action without an attorney. You cannot possibly bring to bear all of the appropriate considerations. Would you take out your own appendix, too? Why?

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There is no magic number anyone can tell you. Depends on the facts. If you don't settle and go forward pro se in federal court you will most likely lose, because you will be up against an experienced attorney.

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