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What information needs to go on a credit application after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Gainesville, FL |

I did not reaffirm my mortgage but am still living in the house and current on my payments to the bank. The bank has agreed to this arrangement even though I'm not legally required to make payments. I'm rebuilding my credit score. Do I have to list the monthly payment on a credit application? I live in Florida.

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  1. Youn must be truthful on a credit application. Don't over-think this. If the application asks for your mortgage payment amount, insert the amount you are paying for your mortgage.

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  2. What is the question on the application (that you did not tell us)? What is the straightforward answer to the question? That is how to complete the application.

  3. When applying for credit, one of the things they look at is your ability to make payments on the debt you incur. if you claim to have no payment for a mortgage or rent, that would be misleading. You should be truthful when applying for credit.

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  4. You're not legally required to make payments.
    If you don't, they're not legally required to remove their lien.
    If you're making the payments, then by all means list them on the application.

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