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What if you have never had a DWI and you get two within a 3 month time frame? Both DWI's are in two different counties.

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My court dates are two weeks apart. Will they know about the other DWI pending in another county?

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Most likely they will find out about it when they prepare the prosecution package that the DA's investigator prepares. They will both be filed as "DWI 1st" since there was not a conviction on the first one. But they may "treat" terms and conditions of probation a little differently because of the frequency of arrests. (Assuming you get probation.) You really need a good DWI attorney to assist you.

Good Luck

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Yes. You may qualify for a DWI court in one county, which results in a dismissal of one of the cases. It is often difficult to get two counties to work together, but it MAY be possible. DWI courts are a LOT of work, so discuss this carefully with your attorney before making this decision. Obviously you need an attorney experienced handling DWIs in each county (and sometimes this means two separate attorneys if the counties are far apart). It may be that one or both of the cases are winnable--but your attorney will have to review the State's evidence in each case before being able to advise you.

I once had a client with four DWI 1sts pending: one was dismissed, one was a not guilty at trial, so he only ended up pleading to two. In other words, don't assume that you have to take convictions on these cases. An experienced DWI attorney will know what to look for to try to beat them.

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Hire an attorney to coordinate. I've kept plenty of clients out of jail with stuff like this.

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You need to hire a lawyer asap. You need to act quick on DWIs because time is of the essence in many respects / defenses. Most likely the other county will know about your other DWI because they have access to your TCIC / NCIC (your Texas and National record). Sometimes investigators only run a person's record one time for misdemeanors and maybe you get lucky with your cases being so close together, BUT I highly doubt it. Hire a good local lawyer asap. Good luck

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