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What if you have a felony e bench warrant in SC but want to get a ID card from the DMV in Texas,can I do it?

Ganado, TX |

I have a felony e warrant is SC for receiving goods under false pretense of $141.00 the guy says but I went to Texas for good.Can I get a ID from the DMV without being arrested or it being in there system. It's not a serious felony from what my lawyer tells me that over time it want be as bad.

I want to get this taken care of but need to make money first. If I get a new ID will the DMV know if I have a warrant or not? The aswers I'm getting are not really telling me if I go in to the DMV to get another ID if they will know if I have a warrant or not in there system?

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  1. If it is a felony warrant, most likely you will be arrested and held for possible extradition.

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  2. If you have an open warrant there is a chance that you will be arrested. You may wish to consult an attorney who is familiar with this process. They may be able to contact SC to get more information for you. Also, the fact that there is a warrant is not the end of the process. SC has to choose to extradite you from Texas. An attorney can help you look into this too. But this want prevent you from being arrested.

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  3. Yes DPS will see the warrant and yes they will probably arrest you.

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