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What if you do not have all the money to pay for the ard

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Dui charges

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Bucks is tough with the costs for ARD. As a former Bucks County DA myself, I am surprised by their lack of compassion, but their current policy if that if you cannot pay it on your ARD court date then you will get a trial date about 3 weeks later. If you still can't pay, you can have an indigency hearing where you testify as to why you cannot pay and provide proof of income. If a judge grants the motion then you will be permitted to do a payment plan (with some money down). If you are not indigent (i. e., you are working) then you will either have to plead guilty or go to trial. If you are convicted then you could go to jail, face a lengthy suspension and have a criminal record, so my best advise is to do what you have to do to get the costs together so you can get ARD and have a clear record when it is over.
Good luck.
Ellis Klein, Esquire

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Mr. Klein is on target regarding Bucks County it is very difficult there. Other counties such as Montomery and Philadelphia will work with you on payments. Best of luck.

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Mr. Klein is exactly right. See his answer.

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