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What if you already have 3 DUI convictions and are charged with PC273a?

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What if you already have 3 DUI convictions and are charged with PC273a?

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It depends. Is the 273a related to any case that has not yet been resolved? For example, was the person picked up on a DUI (3rd or 4th, because a 4th can be filed as a felony) and then the DA also filed a 273a based on the DUI?

How long ago were the other 3 DUI convictions? Also, was the person already on probation for any of these when they picked up the new 273a?


The prior convictions can be used to enhance the offer that you can receive. You should hire an attorney to assist you as these are serious charges that you are looking at.
Robert Driessen


Was the child hurt or just in the car. It will determine more of the prosecution's posture. You need the services of a really good DUI attorney in your area. Check the Ca. DUI Lawyers Assoc. website for one in your area. It would probably be beneficial to speak to more than 1 to get an understanding of your situation.


Thank you for your question.

A DUI has certain obvious differences to domestic violence, PC 273(a). However, it is likely that you were on probation from the DUI cases, and that could cause a problem. The prosecutor may make a big deal out of the prior DUI cases, and argue that there is an alcohol problem here that needs to be addressed (based on the facts of the domestic violence case).

I hope that this helps you, and feel free to use this service to ask if you have any additional questions. All the best to you.

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