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What if someone uses your notary stamp without you knowing?

Laramie, WY |

I recently found out that my boss had been using my notary stamp for legal documents and I was wondering what I can do to protect myself. I have completely stopped working for him since I found this information out and he now wont pay me for the hours he owes me for. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am not licensed in Wyoming, but have been a notary in 2 states. That being said, the stamp when used is accompanied by a signature. If he was signing your name, pure and simple, no one can sign your name without your permission. I would consult the notarial commission for your state, as some of the documentation notarized may now be deemed invalid, given it was not properly notarized. Of course if your former boss is an attorney, you can report him to the bar association.

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