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What if my court appointed attorney doesn't return my calls?

San Antonio, TX |

I have trial in 4 days. I cannot get my court appointed attny. to return any of my phone calls. I am very nervous~ What can I do? He hasn't had any contact with me to know my case, to tell me what to expect and so on. It's a criminal case.

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Document each time you call (or look at your phone records to see when you called). Hopefully, you didn't just wait until the last minute to start caring about your case. But if you really have been trying to get in touch with them and you don't feel prepared, don't go forward with your trial. Be sure to tell the Judge that you do not feel the attorney is prepared, that you haven't met with them, that you don't know what the trial strategy is and you haven't even discussed it, tell them the dates and times of your calls, etc. Ask the judge for a continuance (and perhaps another attorney, but that might not happen).

If it is a public defender's office, ask for their supervisor and complain to them.

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I agree with my colleague. Act now. Go down to the PD office an d demand to see the head PD. Tell him the deal. The Judge may not grant an adjournment.

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