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What if its your first time shoplifting do you go to jail after going to court

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

me and my friend shoplifted kmart it was all normal but as we were exiting the store they told to go with them in this room and give them everything we stole they told us to give them our information and they checked for anything else our fine was under 100 it was 74 dollars for each they said we had to go to court what will happen will we directly go to jail after court knowing it was our first time ever shop lifting

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No, it is highly unlikely that you will go to jail on a first time misdemeanor shoplifting charge. You might even qualify for a diversion program. You should hire an attorney immediately though to insure you get the best result. We handle these cases regularly.
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Daniel M. Berman This is not to be considered legal advice nor does an attorney-client relationship exist.


I agree with my colleague. If you can hire your own attorney he may be able to resolve the case before you have to go to court. If not you must attend your arraignment when set. It's very important you do not miss court when scheduled.
You said everything was normal until you were caught. It's not normal to steal and you should know better. Hopefully you will learn from this lesson and never forget how lousy it felt when you were sitting in that room not knowing what to expect.


In addition to what my colleagues have stated, if this matter is handled wrong or you have an unusually difficult judge, you might become convicted of a crime of dishonesty. This means for the rest of your life when a background check is done for jobs, apartments, school loans or anything this could pop up and ruin your chances at what you are trying to accomplish.

Whatever you do, I would not advise you to handle this matter without the help of an attorney. I have folks contact me all the time wanting to wipe their record clean because a prior crime shows up an is keeping them from qualifying for a job, credit, apartments. Etc.

The information presented is for information purposes only based on the information provided. An attorney client relationship is not formed.


"me and my friend shoplifted kmart"
"it was all normal but ..."
"it was our first time ever shop lifting"
Okay, you ought to go to jail. Just for being the worst liar ever --
Not to mention for actually choosing KMART to steal from!!

This is not intended as legal advice since the State will probable recommend "no jail" and the Judge will give you a withhold with community service or a fine and restitution.

David Richard Damore

David Richard Damore


I wish I had posted your answer. I'd thought of it but didn't. I'm voting your answer the best of the month. Lol

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