What if I withdraw a motion?

I made a motion for rehearing of a summary judgment. Actually, it was a partial summary judgment that was mischaracterized in the order as a "final summary judgment". This mischaracterization is, of course, one of the things I want to object to. Anyway, I made a motion for rehearing, and now I want to change it and refile it in a few days. One of the reasons for this is that I want a few days to file some other motions before the judge denies this motion for rehearing, which is what I think will happen. Of course, I intend to file an amended motion for rehearing before the 10 day limit. My question is if I file a notice of withdrawing the motion for rehearing, do I even have the right to refile, or this the withdrawal considered a relinquishment of the right to request a rehearing?

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Stephen Brian Bull

Stephen Brian Bull

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - West Palm Beach, FL

I agree with my colleague. You need to actually bite the bullet and pay for an actual consultation with an attorney.

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Steven Parnell Weaver

Steven Parnell Weaver

Litigation Lawyer - Saint Louis, MO

You need an attorney.

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