What if I used a dead person's ssn to get a online payday loan? Could I go to jail?

They are illegal and not licensed in the state of Alabama. They are offshore...

Montevallo, AL -

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Randy William Ferguson

Randy William Ferguson

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Huntsville, AL

Probably yes. It is illegal to use someone elses SS. (identity theft) It also may be theft of property if you took out loan with no intent of paying it back. Unsure if a federal offense using SS. I would pay back loan or face the consequences.

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Raymond George Wigell

Raymond George Wigell

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chicago, IL

Yes. Consult and retain an experienced local criminal defense lawyer ASAP. Your attorney will review all facts and circumstances. He/she will then be in a position to either defend against the charges or present mitigating factors at sentencing.

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