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What if I'm 14 n I really wanted a T-shirt which was for £3.99 and I stole it . Is the security guy going to find me ?

Fairfield, CT |
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And I'm really scared , because I didn't mean to do it , I'm just 14 plea help ?
I don't want to go to court or jail

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First off, don't admit to committing crimes online or even at all. Second, it doesn't appear that you've been caught or charged yet. It's hard to tell what the store can do and will do about it. It will probably investigate the loss and review information (and any video) about it and then maybe call the police. Note that only the police can make an arrest outside the store. Note further that you do not have to talk to the police at all. If you are arrested, then, due to your age and the possible charge, you will be summoned to juvenile court. In that instance, you will need an attorney.

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I doubt it, however I would not go back to that store EVER. What is clear to me is that you are a young person who may benefit from counseling or therapy. In my experience shoplifting is not a one time thing. It is often a symptom of a larger problem and eventually you will be caught and prosecuted. Not to add to the paranoia, but there really are cameras everywhere. I would encourage you to discuss this situation with a trusted adult, preferably a parent.

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