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What if i cannot afford my court costs??

Pompano Beach, FL |

i have court costs that add up to $778. I just had a baby on 6-24-10 and i already have a one year old and my court costs are due october 15. i have not worked in 3 months and do not plan of working for awhile to stay home with the baby. my husband barely makes enough for us to get by and i dont want any further legal problems. is there anything i can do to get these waived?? or is that not even possible?? im just getting really nervous cause that is alot of money.

well it was for not having a valid DL and a speeding fine. the judge ordered me to pay the court costs. i live in Florida

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In the place under your question there is a spot for you to add further information. Please state what kind of court costs you are talking about. What kind of case? Is it a criminal case? Who wants you to pay it? Please be more specific.

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Call the judge's judicial assistant (secretary). Tell her that you want a hearing with the judge because you cannot afford to pay all the costs by October. Tell her you need to be able to pay in installments or some kind of other relief like having the amount reduced. Don't ask to have it dropped or waived, though. She will probably tell you to write a letter to the judge explaining this and asking for a hearing. In the letter tell the judge what you want him/her to do but be modest and practical. You should be able to get a hearing in court with the judge where you can explain the problem and what you want. Don't be afraid of the process. I think you will be treated kindly and you may get some results. Good luck.

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You can also ask the Court to convert your obligations to a "judgment." This means there is a legal debt owed and it would appear on credit reports, however it would no longer be a term of probation and you could not be arrested for it. If they suggest converting it to a "D-6" though, that is not adivsable. A D-6 is a suspension of your license until it is paid in full or cleared. Otherwise, some counties have payment programs, as my colleague mentioned above. File your own motion and call the Judge's office for a hearing date. As my colleague mentioned, you should not be afraid. Judges get requests like this all the time. Given your situation I think most judges would be sympathetic and try to work with you. Just be proactive and get a court date before you hit that deadline, or it could result in a warrant for your arrest.

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