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What I'm i facing with a charge of 484/490.5 PC? Misdemeanor

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I'm 18 years old and was caught shoplifting a bottle of cologne at a clothing store. The cologne is worth $50 and this is my first time offense. I have a clean record, also a full time student. I totally regret what i did. What can I do to not let this be on my record? I do not have the money to hire an lawyer yet alone the monetary fine(s). At the moment I'm scared for my life. Thanks You for anyone who responds. Much is appreciated :)

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You are charged with misdemeanor petty theft which carries a maximum sentence of six months in the county jail and/or a fine of $1,000. If what you took is worth less than $50 the prosecutor can charge it as either a misdemeanor or an infraction. Since the value of what you took is right on the dividing line between an infraction and petty theft you should use a lawyer to tryto get it reduced to an infraction under PC 490.1. Although this may seem a small matter it is a crime of dishonesty and, if charged as a misdemeanor, will stay on your criminal record and interfere with future job searches and professional licenses. It is worth paying a lawyer to help you structure the best solution. I handle many such cases in SF, know the judges and the prosecutors and would be happy to give you a free consultation. You may call my office at 415-753-1889.


Mr Kaman has provided you with sage advice and a sound assessment of the situation you are faced with. If you are anywhere near him you would be well served by accepting his willingness to consult on this matter. Good luck.

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