What heirs are entitled to anything from the IRS? What happens when the administrator didn't give the IRS some of the heirs soci

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..didnt give the IRS some of the heirs names & social security numbers? Plus no notice of the probate hearings? What can the heirs do about it? TY~

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  1. Steven M Zelinger


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    Answered . I am very unclear as to exactly what this question is about? If there is an income tax return for the estate there is rarely a refund - if there were it would be a part of the estate and distributed to the heirs under the will or state law at the direction of the executor/administrator. If there is income from the estate/trust reportable by the heirs (income from an inheritance) they should receive a K1 and it is that person's responsibility to file their own taxes.

    Regarding notice of probate hearings that is a separate thing completely from the IRS issues. If a beneficiary is unhappy with the actions of an executor, they are free to challenge their actions via an accounting or removal action. You would need your own attorney for this.

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  2. Kaye P Willi

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    Answered . You asked two different questions: one deals with state probate law notice requirements and the other deals with IRS requirements.

    With respect to the requirements of the Executor / Trustee to provide IRS with the Social Security numbers of heirs / beneficiaries, this information is required for Schedule K-1 of IRS Form 1041, the fiduciary income tax return. Schedule K-1 of IRS Form 1041 reports the various beneficiaries' shares of the taxable income from the estate / trust. Occasionally, an heir or beneficiary will refuse to provide the trustee / executor with his/her Social Security number. When that happens, and the trustee/executor files the 1041 without all of the Social Security numbers for all of the heirs / beneficiaries, the estate / trust will be penalized a certain amount for each missing Social Security number. Last time this happened to me (it was several years ago) the applicable penalty amount was $50 for each missing SS number.

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