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What have other settlements from motorcycle related accidents settled for with shattered ankle having plates and screws in ankle

Mount Vernon, IL |

was riding motorcycle struck by fuel tanker truck there at fault has been about 8 months since accident still have limp followed doctor orders and he released me after therapy

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  1. Many many factors - medical billings, wage loss, permanency, to name a few. The best approach is to contact and retain a qualified personal injury attorney. Check the AVVO site for qualified attorneys in your area. Best of luck, it sounds like you have a serious claim.

  2. Every case varies, however we just settled a motorcycle one for $325,000, but we worked up the case with all the right moves. Happy to discuss, free of charge.

    J. Younes

  3. No lawyer can or should comment on value or offer an opinion without knowing all significant facts: irresponsible and reckless; at least in my view. What I can offer is that you almost always net less without a well qualified litigation attorney.

    Personal injury cases only; I'm good at it; you be the Judge! All information provided is for informational and educational purposes only. No attorney client relationship has been formed or should be inferred. Please speak with a local and qualified attorney. I truly wish you and those close to you all the best. Jeff

  4. Since you were hit by a truck this case is better than most. There are common carrier rules and a larger insurance policy. I would not have my client settle until you are done treating, have your doctor opinions for future medical expenses and physical restrictions and a vocational expert workup

    See a good lawyer now

    Best regards

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  5. Settlements vary, depending on injuries and insurance. For example, my website lists settlements and verdicts. Your best bet is to retain an Avvo lawyer with a low contingency fee, less than 30%, so you are left with the lion's share of the money, not your lawyer. Good luck.

    Only 29% Contingency Fee! Phone: 215-510-6755

  6. The settlement amounts vary greatly. You should discuss your case with a local personal injury attorney to review the details of your case.

  7. I would have to see your medical records and bills. See if we need an expert to say how long it will take to recover, how serious the crash was and if you have a permanent injury. Other factors are lost wages, loss of a normal life, future pain and suffering. I would not feel comfortable just tossing some number out there without a diligent investigation. You do not want to take fast quick money and down the road find out it was not fair compensation.

    The good thing with a tanker truck is that they have large insurance coverage. Also, if you find an attorney that has handled trucking accident, they can find violations of regulations of federal trucking standards. If some are found, you can also look at trying to pursue punitive damages, which could be larger than your personal injury damages.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss. We work on contingency basis. We have offices in Chicago, Peoria & Rockford. Louis J. Meyer, Meyer & Kiss, LLC.
    312-765-0100 or 309-713-3751

  8. Settlement value is unique for each case. While you can look at other settlements for some guidance, you must also take into account your future medical needs and disability, your responsibility to repay your medical insurer (in some instances), your lost time from work, etc. It is in your best interest to speak with an attorney regarding your case. Insurance company adjusters settle cases for a living and their job is to pay as little as possible to resolve each case. It is very easy for an unrepresented person to be taken advantage of in a situation like yours. Please feel free to call me or my associate, Emily Harrell at 312-828-9666, if you would like to discuss the specifics of your case.

  9. The value of a personal injury case depends on a number of factors - many of which have been voiced by the other attorneys here; however, to give you a solid opinion on the value of your case I, as any attorney, would need more information.

    I have handle a great number of personal injury matters across the state and I'm originally from Mt. Vernon. I will actually be in Mt. Vernon tonight through Saturday morning if you would like to meet in person to discuss your situation and the value of your case. Feel free to e-mail me at or call me if you would like to set something up 773-354-8909 - there would of course be no charge for a consultation.

  10. When determining compensation, it is usually simple to add up the money spent and money lost, but there is no precise way to put a dollar figure on pain and suffering or on missed experiences and lost opportunities. That's where an insurance company's damages formula comes in.

    At the beginning of claim negotiations, an insurance adjuster adds up the total medical expenses related to the injury. These expenses are referred to as "medical special damages" or simply "specials." That's the base figure the adjuster uses to figure out how much to pay the injured person for pain, suffering, and other nonmonetary losses, which are called "general" damages.
    Determining fault for an accident is not an exact science, but in most claims both you and the insurance adjuster will at least have a good idea whether the insured person was entirely at fault, or if you were a little at fault, or if you were a lot at fault. Whatever that rough percentage of your comparative fault might be. Attorneys trying to get the best compensation possible for their cients need to avoid the temptation to engage in the slippery slope of talking to insurance adjusters in "___ times specials"

    There is no such thing as a formula settlement because there are no formula plaintiffs. There is no magic formula of “x times specials” that determines the proper settlement amount. If you have come to this website looking for an exact value for your claim, you will be disappointed. There are a lot of variables at play and there may be reasons why you case is worth much more - or much less - than these statistics suggest. The take home message is clear: average settlement value data is great but it does not take the place of professional analysis of your case.
    The civil justice system tolerates inconsistent outcomes in cases brought by
    similarly situated litigants.
    The rights at stake are
    not only the individual’s right to a day in court to pursue his claim as he wishes,
    but also the right to be treated as others in similar circumstances are treated.
    about 95 percent of our cases will ultimately resolve through negotiation or mediation. In advising clients about case valuation, it is extremely useful to have data for benchmarking more reliable and objective than our anecdotal observations, gut instincts and wishful thinking.Both benchmarking valuation and determining how individual cases differ from the benchmarks are parts of a lawyers responsibility in fulfilling our professional calling.

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