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What happens when you violate probation with 2 days left of probation?

Toms River, NJ |

My boyfriend went to court last week for what we thought would be the end of his probation after 5 years. His PO called him the day before and said she suggested they let him off and thank you for cooperating the past 5 years. When at court the judge said he violated probation and to put him in jail until this Friday for another court hearing. Were guessing he violated because he was arrested two times for driving while suspended while on probation even though he was going to restore his license after court that day. What could happen to him?

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  1. Don't guess why he was violated. Get a lawyer and find out. If his PO felt he should be released, this is probably a good case to argue to terminate probation. More information is necessary and he should not just accept the vop as a done deal.

  2. Being arrested twice while on probation could be viewed as serious violations even considering he was close to the end of his term. However, the probation officer's recommendation will be given consideration by the Judge. He certainly has a strong argument but will need competent representation to present a strong case for his release and termination from probation.

  3. More information is needed. The Court normally will not violate for a motor vehicle offense. Call with more information.

  4. A violation of probation is a violation of probation which is a criminal offense and could carry further incarceration. Call an attorney now,

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