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What happens when you get a ticket while driving on a restricted license in California?

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I got stopped by an officer for making an illegal left-hand turn. I have a restricted license because of being involved in an accident and me not having insurance at the time. The officer wrote me a ticket for making an illegal left-hand turn ONLY, but did ask why I "had my license suspended for a while." I told him my story, and he showed me the ticket, which just had the illegal left hand turn violation on it. I have a restricted license to go to work and back, but obviously I wasn't going, coming, or in the middle of work. I have to go to court a month from now. I have two months until I my restrictions are lifted. Can anyone give me advice on what to do next? Or perhaps a preview of what could happen? Thank you, I would really appreciate it.

Just for more clarity, I got the ticket at night, at about 10:00pm in Burbank, CA.

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You might have caught a break by the officer writing the ticket the way he did- and not including a violation of your restricted license. That would be fairly serious. Definitely consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney to deal with this. Call with any questions.

Andrew Roberts
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Driving on a restricted license is a criminal offense. Assuming you are on Probation, and I am guessing you are, you would also be in violation of Probation. If all you have is a notice to appear in traffic court you indeed dodged a bullet. Its probably worth seeking a consult with an attorney in your area before you do anything.

Brian Michaels

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There is no obvious about your work situation. If the officer didn't write you for driving on a restricted license, there is not likely to be any proof of this offense. The terms of your restriction are important with the DMV, however. You should examine all conditions of your restriction. It would be prudent to hire an attorney. If you can't, at the minimum, you should extend the citation for as long as you can. This can be done online in L.A. County. You can probably get the citation extended until after your restriction expires and then set it for trial or reguest traffic school. Best wishes.

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