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What happens when they offer a plea deal and u don't want it

Everett, WA |

Daughter was arrested in another state she has a public defender they offered her a deal he thinks she should take it
But I think its a bad deal and she should take it to trial

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  1. The decision belongs with your daughter. If you have the funds to hire a lawyer for your daughter, you may do so, as longs as she agrees. But the decision to plead or go to trial will always be hers.

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  2. I agree with the previous answer and the final choice is hers , but you could hire a lawyer and get a second opinion if you want more information.
    Good Luck

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  3. Then you go to trial.

  4. There is not enough information provided to determine the answer to this question. Generally an attorney will advise you on what would be the most beneficial to your daughter. However, if you do not agree with him, you may take the case to trial or hire a defense attorney.

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  5. Your daughter and her attorney need to sit down and weigh all the information in this case and the likelihood of outcomes and then SHE WILL MAKE THE FINAL DECISION because she is the defendant. With education from the evidence and the attorney, she will make the call. This isn't your case DAD. It is hers and it is her criminal record. If she is not satisfied with the attorney she can hire an attorney to look over the material/reports/evidence and give an opinion but this can only be done if the new attorney is hired because he/she would have to have access to all reports and materials and that is only available to the attorney of record. Good Luck

  6. If your daughter rejects the plea deal the prosecutor will calendar the case for trial. I suggest that at the very least you should try to get in touch with your daughter's public defender and get an idea why he or she is recommending a guilty plea enter as opposed to proceeding to trial. Of course, you can always ask your daughter that same question. As an aside, i assume you are not a lawyer and will most likely want to retain an attorney for your daughter if you don't want her to have a public defender which by the way most often know what they are doing.

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