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What happens when I challenge jurisdiction in a court room?

Muncy, PA |

If I enter into a court room with a gold-fringed US flag, did not step past the bar (stayed in the audience,) did not answer any questions to the judge and challenged his/her jurisdiction over me (as I am a natural person presenting a PERSON or FICTION,) what could the judge do? Please keep in mind that as a natural person, STATUTES do not apply to me.

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  1. I suggest you stop reading the Internet and higher a lawyer. Your question makes no sense.

  2. The court has an interest in preserving decorum. The law will apply to you, and if you are disruptive, you could be found in contempt of court and face up to 6 months in jail. You can challenge jurisdiction a part of a case issue but you must follow the rules of court in doing so.

    David Bradley
    Bradley Law Firm, LLC

  3. The judge can find you in contempt of court and fine you or jail you, If you are charged with a crime, get a lawyer.

  4. Oh my God, you believe the fringed flag nonsense? The same boneheaded argument that every court has laughed out of court? Really? People need to stay off the internet. Oh, and the natural person nonsense to boot?

    What will happen is that you will likely be held in contempt of court and locked up. Get a lawyer, who can argue REAL law on your behalf, not that craziness (which isn't the law, by the way).

  5. I would laugh, but I have seen this attempted before. This appears to be an urban legend or something that is found on the internet. You need to take your case seriously rather than seek an outlandish solution. If you truly wish to fight your charges you need to speak to an attorney.

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