What happens when a creditor cannot find your account, but are reporting negative to the credit bureau?

Asked over 2 years ago - Conway, AR

I have disputed my credit report and called the creditors for an itemized statement of the debt in question. 2 of them cannot find any record of me in their system. If they fail to find my account, will the original creditor as well as anyone they sold the debt to come off my credit report?

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    Answered . If you have requested validation of the debt (in a writing) and neither the original creditor nor the current creditor can provide you with sufficient validation information, they should, upon your request, cease their efforts. At the same time, if you included language informing the creditor that you expect no credit reporting to take place during the validation period and that any credit reporting be removed, the creditor should do that for you.

    I would also suggest you formally dispute the items with the credit bureaus. If they do not get validation data from the creditors within the prescribed timeframe, the items will be removed.

    If you still have issues or if you need further assistance, contact a local debtor's rights (FDCPA and FCRA) attorney for a consultation.

    When responding to questions posted on Avvo, I provide a general purpose response based on California law as I am... more
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    Answered . Send a letter of dispute to the credit bureaus. They must investigate and validate the debt. If the creditor cannot validate it because of lack of proof, the bureaus must delete it

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    Answered . Federal law requires you to be responsible for monitoring your credit report & requesting that any mistakes be corrected.

    The simplest way to correct inaccurate entries on your credit report is to file a dispute with any credit bureau reporting this information. You simply point & click to the appropriate reason why you are disputing an item (such as "not my account") and the credit bureau will have to conduct an investigation.

    I am posting links to the federal law and to the free annual credit reporting sites. Hope this perspective helps!

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    Answered . When you receive notice from a creditor or collector of an account for which you dispute, and you send a timely written request for verification and notice that you dispute the debt, the collector must provide that verification within a prescribed time period. If you do not receive verification, then you can request that they cease collection. Removing the negative tradeline from your credit report is another matter, you may request the reporter remove the negative tradeline, and if they so request removal to the CRAs and the CRAs do not remove it, that is yet another matter. You should contact an FDCPA attorney for more information. Feel free to contact me at (310) 577-0870.

    When responding to questions posted on Avvo, I provide a general purpose response based on California law as I am... more

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