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What happens to a child taken by CPS if the mother get jail time?

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A friend of mine had her child taken by CPS for child neglect. Now CPS are saying that there is a good chance the child will return to her mother, she is been going to all the meeting, all appointments and she even had her child at her appartment at Head Start . But now she has to go to court and if in case she get jail time what would happen to the child?. Would they wait until she is release to return it to her?.

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It is unfortunate that your friend is going through this. If however she is incarcerated, is Father a potential care taker? If not, are there any other family members that could be care takers? If not, the child would most likely go into foster care. Be aware CPS will conduct a thorough background check and homestudy on any postential caretaker. Good luck.

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I agree it was very unfortunate, the incident happened and someone saw me bring her down the roof and call the law. No witness have seen her on the roof, the police record show a lot of discrepancies from both witness, and one of them when asked by CPS if you be a good mother for the little girl she said yes and most of them gave her a good report. The criminal case is been dragging for a long time from September 3rd. Her appointed attorney and the prosecutor cannot decide or agree on anything. Finaly the case should be over by February 14 unless the case is going to Jury trial. My friend is pleading not guilty. That was my original question to you about her getting jailtime if found guilty by a Jury and the outcome of her little girl. You answer sir was very satisfactory since they did get in touch with her oldest daughter in Georgia and some other relatives in Kentucky. Thank you for your answer.