What happens on a Soc warrant?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Sacramento, CA

I have a 2nd dui and did not complete the work project I just paid my fine off. I know that there is a SOC warrant. I have heard there is nothing an attorney can do. And that I just need to go to jail. What if I show up at the sheriff work project? Would there a possibility they might allow me to re sign up? I'm scared to death of jail. This is a old dui been sober for 5 yrs and have not got in trouble since. I need help.

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    Answered . You need to stop posting this question. The answers won't change. Unfortunately, there isn't always a "way out" and it sounds like you are learning that the hard way. Your attorney in the DUI should have advised you of consequences of failing to complete any part of probation successfully. Now you deal with those consequences.

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