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What happens next since the preliminary hearing was rescheduled due to the witness not showing?

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I have an attorney but he wasn't able to speak with me after the reschedule. In a domestic case, could you answer the following please?
1.What happens next if the witness doesn't show again? Rescheduled again?
2.If so, how many times can the preliminary be rescheduled?
3. If the DA was confident in the evidence, wouldn't they just proceed with trial rather than continuing the preliminary (considering my attorney already saw the evidence during the first one)?

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1. Perhaps. It's up to the judge how many times a case is scheduled. Usually it's 1 or 2 continuances.
2. See above.
3. You have to have a preliminary hearing; the DA would be more than happy to proceed to trial without a prelim.
But you should really speak to your attorney about your concerns.

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